Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes That You Want to Avoid

Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes That You Want to Avoid

In the last few years many homeowners have chosen to do their own interior design because budgets have been a little tight. Unfortunately, many of them go in without doing proper research and end up making some of the worst home design mistakes. If you have made up your mind to re-do your home decorating you should know what to avoid. Here are some of the top interior design mistakes that you should look out for.

1. Room and Furniture Size

Be careful about the size of both the room and the furniture. If you have a small room and choose large pieces for it you will end up with a room that looks overcrowded. If your room is large and you buy small furniture you end up with something that looks like a dollhouse. Make sure the furniture will fit through the door as well.

2. Interior Design on a Budget

Working without a budget is one of the most common interior decorating mistakes. You need to buy furniture and fixings that you can afford now and not what you think you will be able to afford in a month or two. Take note of everything that you will need and how much it will cost taking into account the fact that you may need some help.

3. Choosing Wall Colours

Buying furniture before determining the color of your wall will likely land you in a sticky situation. You need to determine wall colors and even have them painted before you make up your mind about furniture. Keep in mind that white walls don’t usually work too well. You need a neutral color that blends with the rest of the décor.

4. Hanging Artwork

One of the most common home decorating mistakes is hanging artwork incorrectly – either too high or too low. This makes the room look unbalanced. If you are not sure exactly which height works do some research online based on the size of the artwork. The height of the pictures will make the wall appear to be taller.

5. Pre-Planning Design

Ask most experts about 10 avoidable interior design mistakes and they will tell you that many homeowners fail because they start off without pre-planning. This is an essential part of the interior design process.

6. Common Design Theme

Another common mistake is failing to introduce a common thread in a house. Having a common theme throughout the house ensure unity and harmony in design. Use either a color or a pattern to unify the rooms. This way, it feels more comfortable and homely.

7. Use Only Items You Like

Are you putting in a piece of furniture or art that you hate just because someone close to you gave it to you? Don’t because you will not be happy with the results that you get. Keep it away and use only items that you are thrilled about.

8. Home Decorating for Kids

Young parents who want to re-do their home usually fail to take into account the fact that toddlers will be everywhere. Even if you plan to super childproof your home consider that you can’t constantly have your baby in their playpen. Don’t use any art or furniture that is moveable or breakable by a child.

9. Purchase from Different Stores

Are you thinking of getting all your stuff from one shop? Don’t; you need to have a room that has a sense of variety. Look around in different shops to get items that will give matching décor.

This will enable you to get a broader range of items.

10. Importance of Windows in Interior Decorating

Lastly, don’t cover your windows – natural light is great for any room. Be careful to have curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible and do not place any furniture in front of the windows.

Use these 10 interior design tips for top quality results.

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