Interior Design Tips and Tricks

3 Modern Design Tips and Tricks

Interior design

Modern decor has become synonymous with cold and minimalistic design and for some people this style simply isn’t right, at least not at home. After all, you don’t really want to come home to a room that’s all glass, or chrome or in black and white, right? You probably get enough of that at the office. Well, the good news is that modern decor can be warm and inviting too. So here are a few modern interior design tips to help you achieve some stunning looks that are contemporary but cozy.


Go Pattern Crazy

Most people will say that mixing up patterns in the same room is not a good idea. Not unless you want a headache. But what do you do if you like all sorts of patterns? You can mix patterns in the same room by sticking to one color theme. For example, red, brown and green work well together as long as the different patterns stick to the same colors. You can also add large portions of solid color, and you can mix and match those patterns to your heart’s content.

Small Details Have a Major Impact

If you check out interior design tips and tricks, you’ll find that trends change every year, and sometimes even from one season to the next. This makes it problematic if you want to keep your decor up to date without breaking the bank. After all, who wants to redecorate every season? Even doing it once every few years seems like a monstrous job, let alone if you try to do it every few months.

One way to stay in trend is by purchasing a few new accessories every season. For example, you can think of your living room like you would for your wardrobe. A new scarf or belt can completely change an outfit and that also holds true for your home decor. So, buy a new throw in a stunning color for a touch of class, or a pillow with a quirky pattern. And if you really want to be in with the times, you’ll definitely need a metallic side table.

Texture, Texture and More Texture

Traditional interior decorating tips and tricks focus on the need to add interest through color, but now texture is coming into play as well. In fact, you can use different textures to add interest to a room decorated in neutrals or even mono-chromatically. The key is to mix a variety of textures, from plush fabrics to glossy surfaces. You can’t go wrong with textures!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should forget color altogether, but mixing and matching textures is certainly a great way to add a little something extra to a room, without making it feel overwhelming. And, after all, what’s more inviting than a soft couch with a warm afghan just waiting for you to curl up on it with a good book?

You see how easy it is to keep your rooms modern but comfy and inviting at the same time? Of course, lighting is also important, which is why one of the best interior design lighting tips we can offer is to make sure there’s plenty of light, but also try to keep it warm. And remember, light fixtures are also a great way to add interest to a room.